Catalyst 10.10 Is Looking Good

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The 4870×2 issue is gone, everything seems to work normally. There’s even a boost in FC2 dx10, maybe other dx10 titles have improved as well.

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ATI Catalyst 10.8b Hotfix

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I HEARD YOU LIKE UPDATES: 10.10 works perfect, I tested every one of the stuck games, and a couple of the regular.

UPDATE2: Get the 10.9 hotfix, so you can have any other fixes that are in 10.9 itself. This list here still applies, since both 10.9 and the HF were made before I even started this list. Hopefully they figure it out for 10.10.

UPDATE: They’re looking into it. (Cool! Terry saw me.)

Time for some testing. This is for those that had the 2nd crossfire gpu stay in 2d speeds.

Download 10.8b hotfix from AMD. (Older, if you don’t like 10.9 for whatever reason.)

I’ll update this as I go. You can open and close one of the ‘ok’ games to get the core back into 2d no problem.

game gpu 2 result
AaAaAA!!! ok
Alien Breed Impact stuck in 3d on exit
Alien Swarm ok
And Yet It Moves ok
ARMA 2 (don’t have OA) ok
Battlefield 2 ok
Battlefield 2142 ok
Battlefield Bad Company 2 dx11 ok
Battlefield Heroes ok
Bioshock dx10 stuck in 3d on exit
Blacklight: Tango Down stuck in 3d on exit
Borderlands stuck in 3d on exit
Braid stuck in 3d on exit
Burnout Paradise ok
Call of Duty 4 MW ok
Call of Duty 5 WaW ok
Call of Duty 6 MW2 ok
Call of Juarez 2 BiB stuck in 3d on exit
Cities XL stuck in 3d on exit
Counter-Strike ok
Counter-Strike Source ok
Crysis Warhead dx9 (32bit, 64bit) / dx10 (32bit, 64bit) stuck in 3d on exit
Darwinia / Multiwinia stuck in 3d on exit
Day of Defeat Source ok
Defense Grid ok
Doom 3 ok
Enemy Territory Quake Wars ok
Eufloria ok
Far Cry 2 dx9 / dx10 stuck in 3d on exit
FLOCK stuck in 3d on exit
FUEL stuck in 3d on exit
Geometry Wars ok
Grand Theft Auto IV stuck in 3d on exit
GTR 2 ok
Guild Wars ok
Half-Life ok
Half-Life 2 ok
Half-Life 2 Episode 1 ok
Half-Life 2 Episode 2 ok
I-Fluid stuck in 3d on exit
Insurgency ok
Killing Floor stuck in 3d on exit
Lead & Gold stuck in 3d on exit
Left 4 Dead ok
Left 4 Dead 2 ok
Lucidity ok
Madballs in Babo Invasion stuck in 3d on exit
Mafia II demo stuck in 3d on exit
Mass Effect stuck in 3d on exit
Minecraft (fullscreen, F11) ok
Mirror’s Edge stuck in 3d on exit
Moonbase Alpha stuck in 3d on exit
Need for Speed SHIFT stuck in 3d on exit
Need for Speed World stuck in 3d on exit
Osmos ok
Plain Sight ok
Portal ok
Puzzle Dimension stuck in 3d on exit
RailWorks stuck in 3d on exit
Race 07 ok
Red Faction Guerrilla dx10 ok
Red Orchestra stuck in 3d on exit
rFactor ok
Section 8 stuck in 3d on exit
Serious Sam HD 1st ok
Serious Sam HD 2nd ok
Shattered Horizon ok
Spectraball stuck in 3d on exit
STALKER 1 SoC dx9 ok
STALKER 2 CS dx10 ok
Street Fighter IV stuck in 3d on exit
Supreme Commander 2 ok
Tank Universal ok
Team Fortress 2 ok
The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom ok
The Ship ok
Toki Tori ok
TrackMania (United Forever) ok
Trials 2 stuck in 3d on exit
Unreal (Gold) ok
Unreal 2 stuck in 3d on exit
Unreal Tournament (99) ok
Unreal Tournament 2004 ok
Unreal Tournament 3 dx9 ok
Vindictus (beta, source engine) ok
World in Conflict dx9 / dx10 ok
Zeno Clash ok
Zombie Driver ok
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Formatting Twitter’s Date/Time With PHP

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This should save you a little googling. When you look at the XML that the Twitter API gives you, each tweet has a ‘created_at‘ timestamp.

It looks like this: Wed Aug 18 18:22:29 +0000 2010. Not too friendly, but it’s really simple to convert it to a unix timestamp, then format it with PHP’s date function.

Step 1: Make the unix timestamp with strtotime(). Now it’s turned into 1282155749, which is just what we need even though it looks worse.

Step 2: Format with date(). ‘l M j \- g:ia‘ turns it into ‘Wednesday Aug 18 – 12:22pm‘. You have total control of how it looks thanks to that date() function of PHP.

I pretty much dumped it all into a single line on one of the things I was working on. This is after I retrieved the XML into a variable called $xml.

echo date("l M j \- g:ia",strtotime($xml->status[0]->created_at));
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ATI Catalyst 10.7 Major Crossfire Issue

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UPDATE: 10.10 Solves it for good.

NEW HOTFIX DRIVER: 10.8b says it fixed the issue, which might have appeared on 10.6. It’s almost perfect, the games are ok, but when exiting some of them, the core is still in 3d speeds. Here’s a list of some games that I tested. I was close to trying TwL‘s drivers, too…

Today I installed Catalyst 10.7 drivers after skipping 10.6 from hearing some horror stories. I’m with a 4870×2 using Vista64. The installation went smoothly, including the HDMI install. (A year ago the HDMI installer failed on one release, worked on the next month’s release.)

After some testing, there’s a severe problem with the 2d/3d detection, so far with the second core.

With DX9 and OGL games, the second core does not switch between 2d and 3d speeds. On a fresh boot, it stays idle after launching a game. This mismatch makes games really stuttery, especially if they are more demanding. The DX9 games I tested were: Borderlands, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Far Cry 2, Lead and Gold, Mirror’s Edge, Moonbase Alpha, Need for Speed SHIFT, Serious Sam HD.

Mirror’s Edge managed to flip the second core into 3d, but then it got stuck after exiting! I checked Borderlands and it was as smooth as it was before (some areas can dip to ~45fps). Lead and Gold finally has a crossfire profile in the drivers, so now that the second core was in 3d mode, the game was nice and smooth without the huge flicker and ~40fps from before.

DirectX 10/11 games I tested (Battlefield Bad Company 2, Red Faction Guerrilla, Shattered Horizon) work just fine. Launching and exiting flips both cores correctly into 2d/3d. Even after Mirror’s Edge locks the second core into 3D, you could reset it back to idle speed by opening and closing a DX10 game.

If there is no hotfix, it might still be possible to take a specific .dll from 10.5 or 10.6 and put it in the Windows system folder so you can still use the new game profiles of 10.7.

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Upgraded to WordPress 3

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That went pretty smoothly.

I did a manual upgrade by putting a temporary index.html in the WP root and renaming the existing index.php, deleting everything except wp-content, then uploading the new WP3 files. No issues with old plugins from a year ago, or with some of the PHP that the theme uses.

Last Modified: March 4th, 2011

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Disable WordPress’s Visual Editor On Specific Posts

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Simple and quick tip for WordPress. You might run into this if you have code snippets or other things in the HTML view that get malformed once you enter the visual view of the editor.

This WP plugin covers the basic functionality. The minor issue is that you have to open the post’s edit view to input the custom field, instead of having a button in the list of posts section of the admin area. Maybe there is a plugin for editing custom fields ajax-style, or a richer version of this visual/html toggle that I may have missed.

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Disable Auto-Eject On Empty Drives

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Have you tried to double click on a hard drive in MyComputer, only to accidentally click your optical drive and have it eject? This gets annoying if you’re trying to be quiet at night, or if you have one of those cases with a door that covers up the drive bays. Luckily it’s a simple fix, but you won’t be able to use the built in Windows burning functionality. You should be able to still use third-party burning tools like ImgBurn just fine. (In fact I need my options and project files, so I’m never using built in OS stuff anyway)

In the registry, go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer

Add a DWORD called NoCDBurning and set it to 1.

That’s it. Log off and on again to make it work. This might be just a Vista and 7 feature, but try it on XP if it ejects as well.

Last Modified: July 6th, 2010

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Router Uptime Record: 312 days

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Well, the building had short power outage for less than a second, so finally I can stop saving a screenshot everyday. I’m using the WRT54GL with some outdated DD-WRT firmware and it’s been quite stable as you can see. The image was taken at around 2am while the reset happened around early next afternoon, so ~312.5 days.

Inb4 ‘get a UPS’.

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TTC Streetcar Papercraft

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Here’s a papercraft of a TTC streetcar (tram) that was given when visiting the TTC bus garage during Doors Open Toronto. Now the instructions are really vague… I had a hard time building this. For example, the trolley pull just says ‘Join parts B and C‘: Does the slit face the front or the rear? Which way do I angle the trolley pole? I ended up using a little tape to keep it from falling in either direction.

Anyway it looks alright. I want to make some others, like these cool Team Fortress 2 ones. Maybe one day I’ll design my own.

It was too big to scan… but also the design is a bit lame anyway.

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kn00tcn – Saturday Stroll

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Description: A Light chilled somewhat jazzy beat, just for the weekend or a lazy day. Similar to ‘Sunday Stroll‘.
Started: November 2006
Completed: April 2008

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