Bioshock 2 Special Edition

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Just like the Mass Effect 2 post, I made an unboxing video. Now this is quite a special edition, coming with the original Bioshock music on an actual vinyl record! There’s also a music CD with the music of Bioshock 2. Then there are 3 posters of ‘advertisements’ from Rapture. Finally, a full sized, full length artbook! The game’s own case also differs from the regular edition by having a holographic cover. Color manual is good, hope the regular versions are the same. Everything is enclosed in a pretty nice and sturdy box, too. I pre-ordered from FutureShop since there was some 10%-off online only sale, almost canceling out the tax, plus the price was unusually low compared to everyone else (FS totaled $91, while everyone else STARTED at $90 or $100, even $110 for console versions). The shipping box also looks like it’s what Take2 directly sends to stores.

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