Fix For Wrong Catalyst Driver Versions Being Displayed

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Looks like the Catalyst version isn’t being correctly stored for some users on the recent 13.12 WHQL release. This has happened before and it’s absolutely nothing to be alarmed about. The only time this would even matter is when a game or application is using this number as a version check such as Battlefield 4, but that is a problem in itself as you’ll notice that this number is merely a registry string.



As a user, all you need to do to change the number is to go into the registry like the example shown above. You can see how you can put any text in there. Many applications in turn read that string and I say it’s poor practice on their part.

The correct driver version number to look at is the packaging version. You can even see the date in its numbers! This is the only true way to tell if your driver has been installed. You could also simply look at the dates of the driver .DLL files. I can’t believe how many people are falling for this in forums, they’re wasting a whole day reinstalling things, it’s ridiculous. Few people seem to bother with any real (not to mention FAST and EASY) troubleshooting, ironic when they do it right with hardware issues. You don’t replace the tower if a component is acting funny, software is no different.

By the way, the Nvidia Forceware driver is the same. It also uses a string for the basic number that many applications read.

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2 Comments on “Fix For Wrong Catalyst Driver Versions Being Displayed”

  1. 1 damian c said at 11:42 pm on December 22nd, 2013:

    wtf, i see all these comments about the wrong catalyst version being displayed but nothing about the wrong driver packaging version!!!! I installed 13.12 after uninstalling all amd software but seriously nothing changed. catalyst version the same, driver packaging version as 13.152 and everything else the same. WTF!! this is the real problem. Acer laptop windows 8.1. It’s always me with the driver problems god dammit. Amd how about you fix apu drivers already you terrible company. end rant.

  2. 2 kn00tcn said at 4:19 pm on December 24th, 2013:

    @damian, i’m pretty sure the mobility downloader is downloading 13.9 whql as i had a friend that was trying this yesterday, that’s not exactly a ‘problem’, check this thread out, it has a direct link & a mirror:

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