Fixing Legacy Crossfire Performance In BFBC2 & MoH 2009

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Uh so maybe I should have posted this almost a year ago. Sometime around Catalyst 12.3, the framerate in Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor 2009 took a severe hit. I am not sure if Need for Speed: The Run (the other frostbite engine game) took a hit.

As usual, the fix is simply placing an older driver dll into the game folder if you want to keep a newer set for the rest of the system. You’ll need aticfx32.dll and atidxx32.dll if you play in DirectX 10 (why wouldn’t you be anyway?).

Refer to my instructions on how to extract driver dll files from installers.

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2 Comments on “Fixing Legacy Crossfire Performance In BFBC2 & MoH 2009”

  1. 1 kevsamiga1974 said at 11:18 pm on March 9th, 2013:

    aticfx32.dll is all you need. atidxx32.dll isn’t strictly necessary but won’t hurt either. :)

    Anything from 14th feb 8.96 beta and below aticfx32.dll is fine to use for BC2.

    I would recommmend the 12.2 preview 8.940 aticfx32.dll because it cures the flicker in some cases.

  2. 2 kn00tcn said at 8:53 pm on March 10th, 2013:

    i’m on the 12.2 precerts, think it was good with the flicker, but not on MoH (well its flicker is pretty minor compared to bc2’s in the past that would go black for whole seconds)

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