Getting Crossfire Back In Serious Sam HD After 11.8 CAP 3

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UPDATE 2: Now that you can set custom profiles in CCC, you might be able to force GRID’s profile for Serious Sam HD. (I don’t have Sam installed right now.)

UPDATE: It seems radeonpro is NOT applying itself, so I guess the only options are to stay on an older CAP, find a CAP switcher, get a faster single GPU card, use a crack (which would disable achievements and multiplayer), somehow trick steam into loading renamed .exes (could an NTFS junction work?), or have Croteam make us a copy of the game exe that’s named as GRID.exe, since attempting that yourself just closes the renamed .exe and launches SamHD.exe.

The latest CAP disables crossfire in the Serious Sam HD games due to crashes happening near water. This should be a game issue that also affects SLI. I assume The Second Encounter will act the same as my testing of The First Encounter.

But if you don’t mind the possible crashing and want to get your framerate back to where it was before, just force the Race Driver GRID profile in radeonpro.

Last Modified: April 27th, 2012

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