RailWorks Tram Test 1

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Why are there less than 5 known existing tram mods for Railworks? A couple aren’t even released. Maybe it’s because it’s so confusing to mod the game…

Well I’m hoping to get some sort of base working, maybe release it as a pack for others to create content with it. First, I’m trying to make a track with a small curve radius, attempting to mimic an existing track (Oxford Concrete Clean), though I couldn’t get anything to appear in the editor, even just a track rule. In this video, I ended up modifying the track rule for ‘MainLine’, but modifying existing game files is way too sloppy.

UPDATE: I got custom track rules working.

RailWorks Tram Test 1 – Track Rules (this post)
RailWorks Tram Test 2 – Overhead Wires

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