Reddit /r/Cinema4D October 2013 Contest – Sketch & Toon

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Here’s my entry to the Reddit /r/Cinema4D Contest. It all started with a little discovery and tweaking that turned into one large idea. Being relatively new to C4D, I decided to go into this direction instead of an actual sketch styled render with realistic objects.

Originally I was thinking of doing it at 15fps so I manually twisted a waveform to click at 15 hertz that would match the intro build up animation of the landscape. Eventually the animation seemed to look better at 30fps, but I kept the sound at 15.

The music is by myself in FL studio, I was going for a droney, spacey melody the way certain tracks are by Tycho. Overall this piece is basically a non-realtime demoscene type of music video.
Unfortunately video codecs aren’t designed for an animation of dots changing position every frame, so you can download a higher than vimeo quality version along with some test frame renders, most of which aren’t seen in the video:

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