We Will Miss You, MAG

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Well this post was for originally for January, but I had writer’s block. MAG was really something special. Massive Action Game, that cheesy title was the weird Sony PS3 exclusive that really grows on you after you dig into it. Imagine Battlefield + Call of Duty spiced up with Quake as opposed to the even mixture of something like a slower paced Homefront.

The MMO aspect was annoying yes, but there’s no denying how ambitious it was to have 32v32, 64v64, and especially 128v128 modes on a weak little console. (Yes, 256, two hundred and fifty six online humans.) The teams had objectives, platoon leaders direct squads, squads direct their group, it felt close quarters and wide open at the same time. Sometimes I would play after midnight and end up seeing lots of Japanese and Russian players. It felt like a real unified global community that is unfortunately gone now…

But I have something special being prepared. Before it was shut down, thanks to its screenshot feature, I managed to take over two thousand screenshots. The process was awful compared to having a hotkey for Fraps, so I mainly focused on the environments, buildings, and objects, which is perfect study material for level or asset designers.

If we don’t get a sequel, at least we need other games to take some of its ideas and mechanics. In the meantime, we can still enjoy people’s recorded gameplay footage and my screenshots once I upload them… just don’t hold your breath for them as I have even bigger plans beyond a single game’s screenshot archive.

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Managed To Be The Top Scoring Player Out Of 64 In A MAG Match

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So this just happened. With some focus, teamwork, revives, and point captures, I managed to become the MVP. The daily login bonus probably helped as well. Someone even voted to kick me with seconds to go, how dumb.

Well it was probably more like 60 players. The mode is sabotage where 2 squads of up to 16 make a platoon of 32 versus the up to 32 enemy players, but the matchmaking generally doesn’t start anything until there are plenty of players past 50.

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