Improving Tribes Ascend Crossfire & Vsync Performance

Posted: May 1st, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Crossfire Scaling, Hardware, Software, Tips/Tutorials
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UPDATE: I have tried the game recently, looks like the current driver profile doesn’t scale very well and maxes out GPU usage, so I will just force AFR and not care about any flickers I spot. You do still have to force triple buffering unlike Hawken.

Set TribesAscend.exe to use the AFR-Friendly or Mass Effect 3 profile, either from CCC or RadeonPro. Now most importantly, use D3DOverrider to force triple buffering if you want to use vsync. Enable vsync itself from the game or with D3DOverrider, but the main thing is to have triple buffering forced. Seems certain Unreal Engine 3 games struggle and stutter with the internal game vsync.

If the rare flickering bothers you (ski training, shadows on gun when you start and aim around), try the Hard Reset profile, but the framerate might be a tad slower.

Last Modified: December 20th, 2012