How To Have More Than One VST Folder

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Some DAWs like FL Studio only let you specify a single folder for VST plugins. This is a problem if you need to use more than one location, such as when you’re running low on space on the drive with the original VST folder and you don’t want to reinstall every plugin one by one.

The trick is to use NTFS junctions so that the application points to a single folder that has subfolders of the plugin locations. You can manually use the mklink command, but I used a tool called Junction Link Magic to make the junctions. Don’t mess around with any existing junctions that came with windows.

So make a new folder anywhere. I Made one called ‘VSTJunctions’ in the root of drive C. Then inside of this folder you’ll make an empty subfolder for each location of VST plugins that you have. If you’re using the mklink command, it will create these subfolders instead of you making empty ones. In my case, I just have one location of VSTs in Program Files and another one on another drive, so I named the 2 subfolders as ‘C-ProgFiles’ and ‘H-VST’.

Now in Junction Link Magic, hit the ‘create’ button and set your junction host and target for each of your VST locations. The host is one of the empty folders you just created, and the target is where the VSTs are actually installed. Now Junction Link Magic should look something like the following image:

Finally, set that initial folder you made that holds the junctions as your VST folder of your DAW. It should now see every plugin that has been installed to either location. Here is how FL Studio would look like:

By the way, this of course is not just limited to VSTs, you could try it on other things such as moving Steam games to another location without reinstalling anything or moving Steam’s location.

Last Modified: September 8th, 2011