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In search engines you can find a huge number of web resources of the same type, made by the same templates with similar functionality and structure. Even the descriptions of goods and services on such sites have a similar structure.

 That is why the site owners who really want to attract the attention of the audience and sell their products and services, so the service is necessary to develop a website for businesses, in other words - selling a web resource. It is such a site, provided that its creation will be entrusted to professionals who know their business, will help bring your business to the next level.

 A selling website for business is a web resource that increases sales on the Internet. The main purpose of this resource is to encourage potential customers to take targeted actions, register on the site, send online applications, make orders.

Types of selling websites for business

Selling websites can be several types, consider them in detail:

Landing Page.

This is a one-page web resource designed specifically to attract users to the main website of the company. In addition, the development of a landing page can be an excellent platform to promote some new product or service on the network. This page contains the most attractive and important information about the product, which motivates the visitor to make a purchase.

In addition to the offerer on the main screen of such a website you can see the following blocks:

basic information about the product,

advantages of the product,

reviews about it,

order of work,



Sections may vary, but their main task is to present the product in the best light, to tell about its advantages and specifics, in order to attract as many potential customers as possible. Do not forget about the promotions, which must be on this page to encourage potential customers to leave a request or to make a purchase.


The services of creating websites for business includes the development of online business card site, which will be a virtual presentation of the company online. Usually do business cards from just a few pages, which contain:

Basic information about the business, the company;

information about products and services;


feedback forms;


This information is enough for all interested users to place an order.

Corporate website

This resource is being developed for the purpose of image component, presentation and advertising of a particular product or service. Its task is to draw the attention of visitors to the product or service.

The development of corporate web site is not overloaded with unnecessary information and the main emphasis is placed on:

unique design,

professional photos,



The resource attracts attention with its brightness and naturalism. Visitors have the impression as if they have seen the product live. And timers with countdown, which are often placed on such resources, even more stimulate the potential buyer to make an order.

Online store

Development of an online store is the most complex structure compared to all other types of selling web resources. It contains many products that can be distributed in separate catalogs. Any product can be added to the cart and paid for. Special functionality is also developed for these possibilities.

For convenience, the store offers a personal account where users can track the location of their order, the availability of goods, promotions and bonuses.

Stages of selling website development

Service of website creation for business in CASTCOM provides several basic stages, which allows us to run qualitative and reliable selling websites for our clients.

Competitor Analysis

Before creating a website for business, the developer must carefully analyze the client's competitors and their offerings. The main purpose of analyzing competitor resources is to find the most effective techniques and features that make it possible to successfully sell products. In addition, it is important to analyze the market and the needs of the target audience of the customer.

Writing terms of reference

To draw up terms of reference, developers should obtain from the customer all the necessary data for the successful development and promotion of the resource. Therefore, it is important even at the initial stages of the work to obtain from the customer the following information:

The merits of his business or goods,

the full range of services,

the history and values of the company.


To ensure that in the early stages of the work the customer understood how his future site will look like, an interactive prototype is created. With his help, without any cost and loss of potential errors can be corrected and the structure of the future web site can be adjusted.

The structure of the site

Competently designed site structure implies a clear and orderly arrangement of its pages, planned in advance by the developers. The structure in this case is often called a hierarchy.

The structure allows you to determine the number of pages that will be on the website, and how quickly users